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Stringing Material

          We carry many different types of stringing material such as Soft Flex wire, Tiger Tail wire, Non-stretch cord, Stretch Magic cord, Nymo thread, Japanese Metallic Yarn, Griffin Nylon & Silk cord, Suede cord in more than 40 different colors, Leather cord, Rat Tail and much much more... feel free to visit, and ask about our complete selection...!

Soft Flex Silver wire Soft Flex Gold wire Soft Flex Color wire Soft Touch Silver wire

Soft Flex Silver wire 30ft./100ft.

Soft Flex Gold wire 30ft./100ft.

Soft Flex Color wire 30ft.

Soft Touch Silver wire 30ft.

Tiger Tail Silver wire Illusion / non-stretch cord stretchy cord Stretch Magic cord

Tiger Tail Silver wire 100ft.

Illusion / Non-Stretch cord 50 metres.

Stretchy White cord 100 yards.

Stretch Magic cord 5 metres.

Opelon stretch fiber cord soft flex silver coated wire Griffin silk cord Griffin nylon cord

Opelon Stretch Jewelry Fiber 25 metres.

Soft Flex Extreme Silver-coated wire 30ft.

Griffin Silk Cord 2 metres.

Griffin Nylon Cord 2 metres.

Nymo Bibbon beading thread Rat Tail cord / Black Suede Cord other cords

Nymo Bobbin Beading Thread

Rat Tail Cord / Black

Suede Cord / more than 40 colors

as well as many other types of stringing material