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Bead Accessories

          We carry many different types of miscellaneous jewely-making accessories that can help you bead with ease... such as, Add-A-Bead key chain, Bead Stopper, Cha Cha Bracelet, Thread Conditioner, Seed Bead Scoop, Color Selector, Rubber Stopper and much more... call us, and we will happy to help you with any questions...

Add-A-Bead Silver Key Chain Add-A-Bead Gold Choker Add-A-Bead Heart Key Chain Add-A-Bead Silver Key Chain

Add-A-Bead Key Chain Silver/Gold $7.95

Add-A-Bead Choker Silver/Gold 

Add-A-Bead Heart Key Chain Silver $8.50

Add-A-Bead Round Key Chain Silver $8.50* (*with a black velvet back)

Bead Stopper Eye Glass Holder Silver Bookmark Cha Cha Bracelet

Bead Stopper 6 pc. pack/$4.99

Eye Glass Holder Silver/Gold 10 pc. pack/$2.95

Silver Bookmark 2 designs

Cha Cha Bracelet Silver/Gold 1-3 rows

Opelon stretch fiber cord Bead Shovel Jumpring Opener Thread Conditioner

EZ Bracelet 3 sizes; Necklace, Bracelet-Anklet, Mini-bracelet)

Bead Shovel Silver 4 designs; Square, Round, Large & Small

Jumpring Opener $2.75

Thread Heaven / Thread Conditioner $4.75

Jewelry Shield Wire&Cord Saving Spool Bead Container Rainbow Color Selector

Jewelry Shield

Wire & Cord Saving Spool

Bead Containers

Color Selector 2 sizes; large & small 

Memomy Wire Jewelry Wand Scoop Eez Beading Board with Lid

Bracelet Memory Wire

Jewelry Wand / Necklace & Bracelet Fastener

Scoop Eez / Seed Bead Scoop

Beading Board with Lid